Research results

(6,911 Nourella® users surveyed)

In 2013, Nourella® Active Skin Support System was featured in an independent clinical study published in The Journal of Applied Cosmetology1, documenting:
  • Synergistic effect between cream and tablets
  • Improved skin thickness by 42%
  • Improved skin elasticity by 35%
  • Improvement in skin quality on 79% of users
  • No side effects

Objective reversing of age in the skin equivalent to 20 years

1 J. Wadstein, M.D, Ph.D; E. Thom, Ph.D. A Randomised, Placebo-Controlled Doubleblind Parallel Group Study in the treatment of aging symptoms of the skin using topical and oral treatments. J. Appl. Cosmetol. 31, 31-40 (January/June 2013)

Ultrasound before and after use of Nourella® Skin Support System

Fig. 1.
Ultrasound before use of Nourella® 

Dark spots in the collagen fibre demonstrate understimulation, lower density and low rebuilding activity resulting in a degree of photo damaged, aged and wrinkled skin.

Fig. 2.
Ultrasound after use of Nourella® 

More light spots and fewer dark spots in the collagen fibre demonstrate activated and stimulated rebuilding of the skin resulting in visibly younger and more radiant skin.

What the experts say

Jan Wadstein“As medical professionals, we recognise that real treatment of normal and Accelerated Skin Ageing symptoms happens only by stimulating and supporting the normal Skin Rebuilding Process. The Nourella® Active Skin Support System is based on 28 years of targeted research, and this is precisely what it does.

Nourella® takes the guesswork out of recommending and choosing an ‘anti-ageing’ skincare regime.”

Dr. Jan Wadstein, M.D., Ph.D, Associate Professor Lund University


Erling Thorn“Our extensive R&D at Pharma Medico has resulted in the development of the proprietary ingredients and innovative technology used in the Nourella® Active Skin Support System. We have comprised complex mode of action principles into an uncomplicated product – providing lasting, clinically documented results.

Today, we are convinced that this is one of the most clinically documented products against normal and Accelerated Skin Ageing available.”

Dr. Erling Thom, Ph.D Pharmacology Stanford University