I went to a christening recently and an auntie told me I looked 49 and not 59! Woohoo!
And when I was reunited with my sister and brother for the first time following Covid lockdowns, they both said, ‘you must have gotten the good skin genes in the family’.
It [Nourella] is my secret weapon of choice; it’s given my confidence a boost and I’m truly grateful for that.


My skin feels really soft and has a slight glow. It is not as dry as it was. Much improved.


I’d say it [my skin] feels smoother, softer and less dry. It also looks brighter overall and there are no dry patches around my nose, chin, and forehead which have been problem areas for me. My skin texture and hydration have certainly improved.


My wrinkles are slowly disappearing, and my skin seems fuller and more supple. My skin tone is also improving. The fine lines have diminished, too, and my skin feels smoother to the touch.


I love Nourella and have used it exclusively over the past four months. My skin has never felt so soft. It doesn’t dry out my skin like some creams, and wrinkles are less visible all the time.

Ageing skin can be treated, but it is often a private matter that can be fraught with social taboo. We have therefore chosen to use first names only and mask some identifying facial features in the studies above. The identities and veracity of each of the excerpts have been confirmed by a panel of independent dermatology experts.